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#1 Choice for Kids' Martial Arts In West Covina. Give Your Child The Gift of Confidence With Champions Fitness and Martial Arts... 

I'm Coach Javi Garcia, an educator with the Los Angeles Unified School District and the Kids Head Coach here at Champions. Since you have taken the time to find our page I want to personally invite you and your child to visit Champions Martial Arts in West Covina and try our 30 Day Free Trial. 

Is Your Child Safe At School? 

Bullying is a serious social issue and epidemic in schools today. As an educator I have personally witnessed, report 


ed, and documented hundreds of incidents.

As a result of witnessing so many cases of children being victimized verbally, physically, and emotionally by their peers at school, I decided to take a stand. I combined 10 years of teaching experience in a class room setting along with over 10 years of teaching experience in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Boxing and founded Champions Fitness Martial Arts. My Goal was to give Children the necessary tools to fight bullying with confidence. 

Over the years I have come to notice that martial arts works wonders on a child's confidence and athletic ability. It increases their focus, agility and positive outlook. They learn to become goal oriented and they learn how to apply what they have learned in other aspects of their daily kiddo life. 

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How Will Coach Javi and His Team of Certified Coaches 

Help Your Child?

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is an excellent way to help boost your kids confidence.  Confidence is essential for kids as they grow and develop. So why not give them a head start? Click this 30 Day Free Trial Link  today.  The following are five ways Jiu-JItsu at Champions can help Your kid become more self-confident.

1.Empower Them To Stand Up For Themselves

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu helps bully proof your kids by teaching them self-defense so that they can stand up for themselves if

a bully confronts them.  If they know they can defend themselves they will become more confident, which will be evident on and off the mats.

2.Teach them That Size and Gender Doesn't Matter:

BJJ is an excellent martial art for someone who is smaller then their opponent because it teaches attacks from the bottom position, how to use gravity to get to a better position, and where to apply pressure to control a position.  It is empowering to know that even if you are smaller you can win the fight, and even though BJJ is still a male dominant sport women’s BJJ is growing fast.  We will show you kids that no matter their size or gender if they work hard they can be successful.

3. We Will Show them that progress is more important than perfection:

4.Equip Them To Embrace Failure

Through Jiu-Jitsu will teach your children to appreciate their progress, and how to enjoy the journey without rushing to the destination.  Everyone wants instant results but hardly anything works this way, and BJJ is no exception.  It will teach kids that it takes consistency and perseverance to accomplish goals.

In BJJ winning and loosing is part of the journey.  Failure is a part of life as well, so it is important for kids to learn how to deal with it, and know how to learn from it, and come back motivated to do better instead of just giving up.  They will begin to see losses as a way to progress and motivation to train harder and get better, instead of simply giving up. 


5.Strengthen Them Both Mentally and Physically:

BJJ is challenging both mentally and physically, but this also makes it extremely rewarding.  It will make your kids stronger from the inside out and teach them how to thrive outside of their comfort zone.  This strength will accompany them into their everyday lives enabling them to be better equipped for the challenges life will inevitably throw at them.

Hope to See you Soon,

Coach Javi 

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